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Secrets of Power Problem Solving

Let’s face it: very few people have studied how to solve problems. Problems knock them down like a tsunami and they don’t know what to do about it. They lie awake at night worrying and spend their days stressing out over a situation that only seems to get worse.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Roger Dawson, who has taught hundreds of thousands of people to negotiate, persuade and make decisions with his lectures, audio programs and books has turned his attention to something that everyone needs: a way to solve life’s problems. Secrets of Power Problem Solving provide proven techniques and sure-fire strategies for solving life’s problems.

Trade Paperback - SKU: RD-BK-109 | Published by Career Press | ISBN: 1601631529. Trade Paperback 224 pages. May 15, 2011.


Secrets of Power Salary

Trade Paperback - SKU: RD-BK-107
Published by Career Press; 1st edition (June 30, 2006)
ISBN: 156418602. Trade Paperback, 240 pages.

Book Cover

Secrets of Power

Hardcover - SKU: RD-BK-103
Published by Career Press
ISBN: 1564144984. Trade Paperback 320 pages. November 2000.
ISBN: 1564143996. Hardcover 320 pages. March 1999.

Secrets of Power Negotiating for Sales People Book Cover

Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople

Hardcover - SKU: RD-BK-104
Published by Career Press. ISBN: 156414500x.
Trade Paperback. October 2001.
ISBN: 1564144283. Hardcover, 256 pages. August 1999.

Secrets of Power Persuasion Book Cover

Secrets of Power

Hardcover - SKU: RD-BK-101
Published by Prentice-Hall.
ISBN: 0735202869. Trade Paperback. January 2003.
ISBN: 0137993544. Cloth Hardcover, 290 Pages. July 1992.

Secrets of Power Negotiating for Sales People Book Cover

Secrets of Power Persuasion
for Salespeople

Hardcover - SKU: RD-BK-105
Published by Career Press
ISBN: 1564147428. Trade Paperback. August 2004.
ISBN: 1564146421. Hardcover 280 pages. November 2002.

Secrets of Power Persuasion Book Cover

Thirteen Secrets of
Power Persuasion

Hardcover - SKU: RD-BK-102
Published by Prentice-Hall.
ISBN: 0136714978. Trade Paperback. September 1997.
ISBN: 0131230352. Hardcover 290 Pages. November 1994.

Weekend Millionaire's Secretes to Investing in Real Estate Book Cover

The Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to
Investing in Real Estate

Trade Paperback - SKU: RD-BK-106
Published by McGraw-Hill, September 2003.
ISBN: 0071412913. Trade Paperback, 228 pages.

Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to Negotiating Real Estate Book Cover

The Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to
Negotiating Real Estate

Trade Paperback - SKU: RD-BK-108
Published by: McGraw-Hill , April 2008.
ISBN: 978-0-07-149657-2 ,
Trade Paperback, 210 pages.

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"I can't believe it! Here's a book that is packed with wisdom that will help anyone improve their life and yet it is easy and fun to read! Amazing!"
~ Og Mandino, Author/Speaker (The Greatest Salesman in the World)

Business People

"An outstanding resource for the new decade! Full of details, examples, and stories. A must read for anyone who deals with people."
~ Ted Kulawiak, 3M National Sales Training Manager.

What are people saying:

Thank you for delivering a great keynote address! Your use of 'H2 Histamine blockers' and 'metered dose inhalers' really caught the audience's attention. We have worked with a lot of professional speakers but never one as well prepared as you.

William Tindall, Executive Director,
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacies

Thank you for your terrific presentation to our Sales Staff and fellow U S Bankers at our National Sales Meeting. We greatly appreciated the 'custom' examples and the industry knowledge. Our CEO complimented you on your enthusiasm and humor. You were everything that was promised and more.

Rich Cainan, Senior Vice-President and National Sales Manager.
U.S. Bankers

Your styles was superb, humorous, personalized and upbeat. Never has 4 1/2 hours passed so quickly and just as important never has someone 'from the outside' shown such familiarity with our business and our people.

Keith Goding, Vice-President.
Spectrum Emergency Care

Congratulations on a perfect 5.0 from the attendees.

Roger Schenke, Executive VP.
American College of Physician Executives

Packed with excitement, invaluable strategies and tactics. Roger Dawson has the outstanding presentation on negotiation.

Scott DeGarmo, Publisher.
Success Magazine

. . . the tips you gave were right on. I hope to repeat your presentation in 2 or 3 years as a refresher.

Nick Hilt, President.
3M Health Care

Your enthusiasm and charisma added to a great presentation. We have already begun to put your strategies to use!

Lynn Picard, Senior VP.
Lifetime Television

The information you presented . . . was right on target. I have no doubt that we'll begin to see positive results soon.

J. Riley McDonough, Advertising Director.
Inc. Magazine"

You delivered exactly what we asked for. The seminar was powerful and effective for everyone. Of particular delight was the way you incorporated our way of doing business into your presentation. Your preparation was impressive. It was as though you worked for BORN. All that and you were funny too! Thanks again Roger for making me look good.

Ron Froehling, Vice-President.
BORN Information Services

You more than delivered. Your dynamic presentation style, coupled with the absolute best lessons 'not just on negotiating' but in dealing with people on a day-to-day basis in every aspect of life, was powerful. Thanks again for a program that has already provided return on investment. You delivered more than you promised and we gained more than we expected.

Rose Kleyweg Mitchell, Vice-President.
Hy-Vee Grocery Stores

This letter is to personally thank you for an outstanding presentation at our recent National Sales Meeting at La Costa. As you know, in the past we have used sales motivational type speakers for our keynotes. Quite frankly, over time they can become repetitious. Your approach, however, was completely new and refreshing. It is a fact that the modern salesperson has to be as good at negotiating as he or she is at selling. Your personalized approach resonated through all levels of our organization and gave everyone the basics for good negotiating skills. Thanks again for a very entertaining and rewarding presentation.

William Fulton, Vice-President and General Manager.
Bostik Findley Adhesives

We heard rave reviews from all three groups that Roger addressed. Roger gave a superb presentation of techniques  -  a process to follow. As host of a conference, it was essential to me that it be entertaining  -  and it was  -  humorous, engaging and intriguing to the whole audience. Unquestionable, I endorse Roger's presentations and course material.

Harry Buddle, CEO.
Capital City Savings, Edmonton

Thank you for the sensational seminar. You did a great job of holding the attention of our high-powered sales force and still left them wanting more. They're all looking forward to having you back for an all day session in July. I was particularly impressed with the way you totally customized your presentation, using our terminology and directly addressing our negotiating concerns.

Alan Patty, Vice-President.
Sun Microsystems

I can't thank you enough for the outstanding presentation you gave to our National Account Managers. Your unique blend of experience, humor, and empathy are what separates you from the numerous other speakers that are out there. Thank you for emphasizing that there is no work that has a higher rate of pay associated with it than the ability to successfully negotiate. The bottom line of Navistar should be improved.

Michael Cancelliere, Vice-President.
Navistar International Transportation Company

I want to thank you very much for your excellent presentation. Our members were clearly exposed to the "master" when it comes to negotiating skills. You accomplished much more than I had hoped. The content of your presentation was terrific; you timing, delivery, and wonderful sense of humor kept your audience's attention throughout your presentation.

Douglas Hill, President.
California Moving and Storage Association

Your program was informative and interesting and I could not believe that you kept a room of over 150 people quiet and still for over 3 hours  -  hanging on your every word!

Liz Perry, Vice-President.
Reliant Building Products

I want you thank you for the fabulous presentation you gave at our annual sales meeting. I have hired many speakers for our various meetings and you were, by far, the best. I was impressed by your ability to integrate our company philosophy, products, and services into your speech. It seemed as if you have known our business for years. I recently negotiated a contract to build a new trade show booth. I listened to your tapes and was able to lower the cost of construction by $20,310!

Debra Laizure.
Electronic Label Technology

I just wanted to tell you again how pleased I was with your presentation at our National Sale meeting. It was quite obvious that you thoroughly researched our company, our marketplace, and our competitive environment, and the result was an entertaining and extremely informative program that was both timely and relevant for our sales organization. Your session was the highlight of the entire week. I urge you to use me as a reference for any future clients. I assure you I will give my highest recommendation.

Harry Henderson, Director of Sales.
Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Instrument Systems

Thank you for a fantastic presentation at our annual convention in Las Vegas. I have never seen evaluation forms with scores as high as you received, and there are repeated requests for future seminars in which you can share your experience. Our group has a reputation for being the toughest, most skeptical audience that most speakers ever encounter. You not only won them over in the first few minutes, they were busy changing plans so that they could attend the afternoon breakout sessions.

Bill Bussard, Executive Director.
Independent Cash Register Dealers Association

Satisfied Clients: